Cache Recherché

Poésie Haiku

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Celebrants' Tanka

Dearly beloved,

welcoming celebration,

merged lives shared freely,

gracious in joy and yearning...

brilliant shining devotion.



Jeanie's Set

Dilemma root

Gnarled sorrow's tendrils dilemma
confusion facing the day
sweet decision song.


Essence opal

Fragrance extracted
jewels mined from depths of soul
essence recaptured.


Wholeness crystal

Stolen inner peace
reclaimed and reunited
palpitating joy.


Creativity seed

Nature's pods and stems
wreathed in flowing discourse
proclaim inner light.


Survival shell

Wind tossed and storm washed
battered in flowing discourse
warmth bathes budding growth.


Endurance metal

Tempered steel for love
glistening reflections shine
what severs pain, binds.


Freedom feather

Grace brings comfort home
healing spirit of soul mate
free to soar onward.









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